No one yet knows how to engineer systems that provide humans with the life-supporting services that natural ecosystems produce for free.
— Joel Cohen and David Tilman
Global vegetation has been reduced by about 24% as a result of agriculture
— Vaclav Smil
As a driver of global change, humanity has outstripped geology.
— Jedediah Purdy
I could have composed a more beautiful chorus and made it more attractive by varying it. But then I would have been a mere musician and ignored Nature.
— Christoph Willibald Gluck, 1714-1787
Nature no longer exists apart from humanity. Henceforth, the world we will inhabit is the one we have made.
— Jedediah Purdy
What is a civilization worth if it cannot protect the natural conditions that gave birth to it?

— Clive Hamilton, Defiant Earth
I hope we aren’t the first species to document our own extinction.
— Cristiana Pașca Palmer
The number of people in extreme poverty fell by 137,000 since yesterday.
— Max Roser, Our World in Data
We can scarcely be warranted in supposing that all the productive powers of [Earth’s] surface can be made subservient to the use of man, in exclusion of all the plants and animals not entering into his stock of subsistence.
— James Madison, Address to the Agricultural Society of Albemarle, Virginia (1818)
More broadly what does it mean to be human when this means to be part of a global force that changes everything—even the future of an entire planet? What does nature even mean in an age of humans?
— Erle Ellis
Journalists, by focusing relentlessly on the dysfunction, feed into people’s sense of fatalism. They begin to think that nothing will ever work.
— David Bornstein